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Dewey Pest Control was founded by Ray M. Dewey in 1929. It began as a one-man operation, and since then has flourished into an organization of hundreds of technicians, crew workers, inspectors, fumigators, and office personnel. In July 1977, Steven R. Dewey purchased Dewey Pest Control from his father and established our present name Dewey Services, Inc. Dewey Services, Inc. owns and operates 32 branches throughout the State of California.


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Pest Management Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I was told I had to check-in every day at 8am during the pandemic or I would lose my job. I quit. Management is terrible and ownership is no better. They are very antiquated and backwards. Cons: No training and terrible management."

Office Administrator (Former Employee) says

"They only promote white folks to Branch Manager. You can have 10 plus years of being a manager but never hire you as Branch Manager. I was lucky to work with a diverse team but this company only promotes white people to higher position."

OP (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work, wanna be office manager has no respect for co-workers or techs. She is completely impossible to work with. Very unprofessional. Cons: Lies"

Office Professional (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Dewey pest control for almost 3 years and was treated badly from multiple coworkers. Management never did anything to resolve this and they just don’t care about their employees. All they care about is not having to hire and train new people because it’s an inconvenience to them. They also expected me to pick up the slack from others too frequently and overlook the office while paying minimum wage. I would never recommend working for this company if you care about your sanity."

Spray Jockey (Former Employee) says

"San Jose Branch-Very Poor wages for the area-High Cost Heathcare.-Both Branch Manager And Regional Manager"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"A typical day is being overworked and and expected to do trouble calls, finish your route with no overtime and being told you"ll be written up or even fired depending how much time over 8 hrs. If a mandatory 1 hr lunch is taken, your route will never be completed.Too many rescheduled jobs you'll be told you cannot handle your accounts and work will be dispersed to other technicians that all work in different parts of Orange County and those technicians all manage to meet up everyday at the park by 3 pm. What I learned @ Dewey is , it's never about your professionalism and ability to perform your job, it's about how many sales you get for your branch, If you find yourself in a situation with an unruly customer complaint to the office,management absolutely will not back you as a professional pest control technician. Management in turn will agree with the unruly customer regardless of how many recommendations to improve sanitation, structural deficiencies conducive to pest infestations. Dewey QA Department Puts in writing, "If for any reason our trained professionals cannot solve your pest problem, we have a team of quality assurance professionals that will come to the rescue, pest problem solved. This will almost never happen. Magic Wands and Helicopters are not part of employee issued equipment. Work place culture is is definitely not enjoyable. This branch needs to be trained on how to be confidential with employee privacy such as personal issues, coach and council sessions. The hardest part of the job is it's very fast paced and very demanding. The most enjoyable part of the Cons: You are expendable!"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management will never give you positive feedback, you are responsible for cancellations. Cheap pesticides=trouble call= cancellation. No overtime. Customer is always right. Cons: Management will talk down on you"

Licensed Pest Control Technician (Current Employee) says

"The techs and office staff are amazing but the current management is unorganized and unprofessional. Management lacks integrity, and will interfere with your ability to make money. I'm thankful for the opportunity to have worked for Dewey and learn the business and become a licensed professional. Cons: Poor management."

Pest control technician/sales (Former Employee) says

"Dewey would be a great place to work if there was Career advancement seems to like they only except Fair skin people to be managers and assistant managers and supervisors strict on overtime but question why a stop wasn’t done.. customer is always right.. office personnel is horrible.. just give me a computer I’ll set my own appointment never any clean uniforms.. you need to do something special for a customer you have use your own tools.. broken equipment.. always on budget manager wants his bonuses.. cell phones are trash.. behind the curve on everything.. outdated.. lots of paperwork so be aware.. when they become strict about things they always blame it on the regional manager just man up.. build up a route so they could break it down to give it away to others Cons: Healthcare, micro management, outdated"

Pest Control Representative (Former Employee) says

"Long hours, mandatory weekends, terrible commutes and routes that can not be realistically done properly and on time. I'll leave it at that your call from there."

Field Representative (Current Employee) says

"After new management took over, working for this company has made it a drag, especially for the compensation and incentives offered. Expect to work off the clock and for pennies."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I basically got moved to technician before i ever got the chance to miss my quota. A more senior employee received my sale of a few apartment complexes in my territory on the basis he was more senior. This was a big commission hit for me. The quota is $20,000 a month over a rolling 90-days. Meaning you need to hit $60,000 every 90-days or you get written up and offered to leave or a tech position. I was told i was being moved to a tech position after only missing one $20,000 goal. Not even in the full 90-day period"

Termite Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Manager at my branch were so poor and doesn’t have the knowledge of being respectable to co employee including the sipervisor super arrogant , very irresponsible"

Office Professional (Former Employee) says

"Everyone in the company is dramatic. One mistake happens and they act like it’s the end of the world no matter how fixable it is. The management at my branch does not want to help anyone learn or succeed. There is constant nitpicking, micromanagement, harsh words and constant belittling. There is no praise for good work no matter how well you do. They will focus and beat a dead horse on the negative things that can happen. You can’t take your federal and state required 10’s because the manager is hanging around asking you questions about work and when you’ll be getting back to it. There is no real coaching and guidance, if you do something wrong they don’t address it to help you learn and be better to exceed. The jobs tasks are interesting and good to learn for experience but with the managements and corporate office, it’s almost unbearable."

Pest Control Technician (Former Employee) says

"Was requested to relocate to Dewey pest to become assistant manager. When I arrived Dewey didn’t want pay near a high enough salary in order to live in the Bay Area where $100,000 a year in income is low income. They based their salary on so cal cost of living. They also pay commission plus a low hourly wage which is not enough to actually live in the Bay Area."

Office Professional / Office Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Lack of management, no team players. Negative environment. Lack of motivation there, rude employees, unprofessional work ethic. Alot of elderly workers who've been there for 20 plus years that DO NOT like young people or change. Systems are very old and everything is paper form and manually. No one ever cleans and it smells like dust all the time. Also everyone is not crossed trained so if u work in the "pest" department you're probably gonna be the one handling the most work for the least amount of pay. Um perks is parking sometimes and occasional visits from vendors who bring snacks. Cons: High stress environment. Office work is like a call center, most of the time you'll be on the phone with angry people"

Termite Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Manager at my branch is new and not knowledgeable, and responsible for the others.supervisor at this branch is so arrogant with the employees and most of them were complaining. I should say the whole management is not good at all."

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"Initially was a good company to work for until it became evident that upper management lacked direction and overall experience. Further, Regional Management was given too much power by ownership and often cared more about their bonuses than the overall success of the company."

Applicator (Former Employee) says

"Corporate don't care about your liyality and they use very cheap products where they don't work and you always have to go back to the same location to redo the service for free and you end up losing production and not making decent income"

Office Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This position was ok for a bit, worked there about 3 years, compensation wasn't very good had to work another part time as well. Experience was fulfilling and co-workers were respectful with each other. Cons: negative environment"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Dewey Square full-time for more than 3 years Cons: No clarity on work. Low pay. High turnover. Favoritism. The senior staff would like to be on the forefront of the nationwide PR sector. Yet they force the brunt of the work on their junior team members and expect them to over deliver. They expect the contractors to behave as employees (keeping 9-5 schedules specifically for them, not being mindful of contractors' other clientele, etc.) rather than actually hire them on as employees."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Dewey Square full-time for more than a year Cons: Disorganized and chaotic non-stop. Poor leadership. Practice managers/principals have poor management skills and inconsistent expectations for all staff. No transparency, low office morale, teams very divided and at odds with one another. Little to no support from upper management. Continuous emotional roller coaster and major lack of professionalism. Very negative work environment."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Dewey Square full-time Cons: Little room for growth, very slow periods at certain times of the year, unstructured work environment that rewards little for hard work yet punishes you for errors that might occur in part from little to no direction from management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Dewey Square full-time for less than a year Cons: Mgt. need to interact with employee's"

Former Employee - Associate says

"I worked at Dewey Square full-time Cons: Does not seem to invest in promoting from bottom up"

Former Employee - Communications Associate says

"I worked at Dewey Square full-time Cons: The culture was prone to workaholism"

Former Employee - Associate says

"I worked at Dewey Square full-time Cons: Lacking company culture, spirit of dialogue."

Former Employee - Associate says

"I worked at Dewey Square full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Few opportunities to move up or make more money unless you can bring in high dollar clients. Principals just work on proposals and face time with clients while Associates bear the brunt of the work."

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